Sunday, July 15, 2012


May seemed to fly by! Between work, school, play time and getting ready for baby, the end of the month (and brother arrived quickly)!

This is one of Cate's favorite games...ride on dad's shoulders and have Maggie chase us to get the soccer ball.

Pretty girl.

Family photo at a brunch our friends hosted in early May to get ready for baby brother's arrival.

It was a mustache bash!

Can you tell she's a bit smitten with Parker?

Yummy cake!

My awesome friends (minus Sarah R who was busy working).

Cate swimming on "vacation" - the week before baby brother arrived, we had to move out of our house so the floors could be replaced due to water damage. So, we spent the week at a hotel on "vacation". Cate thought it was great, and even moved to a big girl bed that week!

One last photo as a family of 3 the night before brother's arrival!

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